Miniature Coupling with clamping hub up to 3 Nm

fino a 3 Nm

BKL003 Ecoflex® con fissaggio a morsetto

Specifiche BKL

BKL series 3
Coppia nominale (Nm)TKN 3
Fori speciali da H7 (mm)D1/23 bis 12,7
Momento d’inerzia (gcm2) Jges.20
Peso (approx.) (g)23
Tightening torque of the fastening screws (Nm)2,3
Coppia di serraggio vite (Nm)CT994
Assiale (mm)max. 1
Laterale (mm)max.0,2
Angolare (°)max.2
CAD Portal 3
2D/3D Data 


  • Design: With a single radial clamping screw per hub ISO 4762.
  • Temperature range: -40° C to +200° C (-40° F to +392° F)
  • Backlash: Absolutely backlash-free.
  • Material:
    • Bellows are made of highly flexible high-grade stainless steel
    • Hubs are made of aluminium
  • Compensating of misalignment:
    • Lateral misalignment up to 0,2 mm.

    • Axial misalignment up to 1 mm.
    • Angular misalignment up to 2° degree.
  • Speeds: Up to 10,000 rpm, in excess of 10,000 rpm with balanced version.
  • Properties of Miniature Coupling model BKL:
    • backlash-free and torsionally rigid
    • compensates for 3-axis of misalignment
    • low cost